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2020-21 Enrollment Period will open on November 1.

Before opening a GET account, we encourage you to review the following:

Note: To download PDF forms, you'll need Adobe Reader. (Download a free copy of Adobe Reader).

Open a GET Account

Newborn Enrollment
You may enroll a child from birth to his or her 1st birthday any time of year (no enrollment period limitations).

Buy GET Units

Automatic Withdrawal Authorization (ACH)
Set up automatic withdrawal(s) to your GET Custom Monthly account from your bank account

Payment Coupon
Make a payment on your Custom Monthly GET account (paper payment coupon)

Giftor Authorization
Add a friend or relative as a “Giftor” to your Custom Monthly account

Incoming Rollover/Transfer
Rollover or transfer funds to your GET account from another 529 Plan, Coverdell Account or U.S. Savings Bond

Use Your Units

Direct Payment Request
Request a direct payment to the beneficiary’s college

Reimbursement Request
Request reimbursement to the account owner for expenses already paid

Recontribution Form
Use this form to re-contribute money that has been refunded to the Account Owner by an eligible institution of higher education.

Request a Refund

Refund/Cancellation Request and Policy
Complete this form to request a refund of your GET account (revised 3.8.19). Note that the non-penalty refund window has expired. The standard refund policy is now in effect.

Outgoing Rollover - Not For DreamAhead Rollover
Review and complete this form to transfer your GET account into another 529 Plan. Note that the non-penalty refund window has expired.

Rollover to DreamAhead College Investment Plan
Complete this form to rollover to DreamAhead. The DreamAhead incentivized rollover window is now closed.

Make Changes to Your Account

Transfer Request
Transfer funds from one GET account to a different GET account

Change of Address
Update your mailing address, email address or phone number(s)

Change of Student Beneficiary
Change the student beneficiary on your account

Change of Benefit Use Year
Change your student’s benefit use year

Account Owner Change
Change the account owner on your account

Information Release Authorization
Authorize someone else to receive information about your account

Account Owner Survivor Authorization
Designate an account owner survivor for your account in the event of your death or disability More info

Guardian Authorization
Designate a guardian for your account

Custodian Authorization
Designate a custodian for your account

Account Change Request
Change the terms of your Custom Monthly Plan

Set up Payroll Deduction

Payroll Deduction Authorization
Set up payroll deduction – have money from your paycheck directly deposited into your GET account

DRS Voluntary Deduction Authorization
Use this form only if you are retired through the WA State Department of Retirement Systems

Master Scholarship Accounts

Master Scholarship Account Policy
Review the GET Master Scholarship Account Policy

Master Scholarship Account Set-Up
Set-up a GET Master Scholarship Account

Master Scholarship Transfer
Transfer funds from a GET Master Scholarship Account to a scholarship recipient