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Resources for K-12 Schools

Access to higher education is more important than ever before. A recent study by the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University found that by 2020, 65% of all jobs in the economy will require post secondary education. You work hard every day to prepare your students for this next step and equip them with the knowledge and skills to succeed and be productive citizens. 

Just as important as preparing students academically for college is ensuring they will have the financial resources to be able to attend. Some students will have access to scholarships and enough financial aid to cover the full cost of attendance, but most will not. Therefore, it’s important for families to begin saving when their kids are young (grade school, preschool, or younger), so that the dream of a college education can become a reality. 

Being an academic leader in your community, you’re in a unique position to help us share this important message with parents and grandparents. By partnering with GET, you can provide a valuable resource to your community that will reinforce and enhance the positive things you’re already doing in the classroom. 

We invite you to join more than 100 school districts, private schools, preschools and parent-teacher organizations statewide who are already partnering with us to connect with Washington families. Here’s how you can help:

Invite a GET representative to your school or PTA/PTO meeting

GET representatives are available to come to community events and parent nights at your school, as well as PTA/PTO meetings. Several options are available, including college savings information seminars, presentations and workshops. Visit our Request a Speaker page for more information about bringing a GET representative to your school.  

Share these resources with parents and grandparents

​Our Enrollment Guide, Program Details Booklet, and Enrollment Form can be found on our forms page. You can also request printed materials for your school lobby.

Offer GET Payroll Deduction to your employees

More than 50 Washington school districts are already participating in GET Payroll Deduction – the most convenient way for families to add to the savings in their GET accounts. To learn more about how you can enhance your benefits package, visit our Payroll Deduction page.

Let us know if you need anything else

If you need assistance, have questions or would like to request additional resources, please contact Jackie Ferrado, WA529 Community Relations Manager at or 800.955.2318.