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Savings Benefits

To afford a college education, it's important to plan ahead and get started on a savings program. Saving for college, even a little at a time, can make a big difference down the road.

  • Estimating future college costs and how to meet them can be a challenge. The College Savings Plans Network has a college cost calculator that may help. You can also see how GET compares to other college savings options on our Compare Plans page. Nationally, two-thirds of college costs are covered by parental income, savings, and loans. 

  • What makes GET different is that it's guaranteed to keep pace with tuition costs (no matter how much they change over time), and is not subject to the ups and downs of the stock market. 

  • You can save on the future cost of college tuition by starting to save when your children are young, and by reducing student loans as much as you can. The average student loan debt for a college graduate in Washington is now over $24,000 and nationwide, student loan debt has hit $1.53 trillion. 

  • GET can help you send your child or grandchild to college with a plan that's easy, affordable, and has a full-faith guarantee from the State of Washington. GET can be used at colleges, universities and technical schools nationwide and can be used for any qualified higher education expenses. A college education can help your student be competitive in the workforce. The Center on Education and the Workforce has found that by 2020, nearly two-thirds of all jobs will require some level of post-high school education.  

A GET account makes college more accessible for your children, more affordable for families, and encourages success because college is part of the plan. Just call the GET Contact Center at 800.955.2318 or email if you have questions. We're happy to help!